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Graduation Euphoria

Graduation pictorial – check!
Academic requirements – check!
Thesis defense – check!
Baccalaureate Mass – check!
Solemn Investiture – Coming soon

Alma Mater’s Batch 2014 celebrated the Baccalaureate Mass last night with big smiles on their faces and you can see the feeling of excitement as they march towards the grandstand.

Nope I wasn’t there last night, but I was two years ago.

The “uniform signing”, the parade leading to the grandstand for the Bacc Mass, listening to the Rector’s message, the traditional exit to the Arch of the Centuries, the post celebration.. everything! I know what it feels like to be an outgoing student.

Be proud of yourself bidding goodbye to college life, with or without honors, because all your efforts and hardwork, sleepless nights, and body-now full-of-caffeine is worth the diploma.

So there you’ll be, standing in front of everybody, stranger or not, with heads up high but feet still on the ground. Then you will see your parents and family with proud expressions – nothing beats seeing your loved ones so happy and proud of your achievement in life.

A few days from now, you will officially become a freshman in the so-called real world, real world that can uplift you or put you down.

Don’t be easily discouraged once you’ve been turned down. You are now in the workforce, you are capable of handling rejection and negative vibes (maybe you haven’t realized it just yet, but you are). It may be hard at first, but you’ll definitely learn the house rules of this world.

It might be harsh on you but never give up because there’s something out there for you.

It might do good to you so never forget to be grateful to everything that you will receive.

Enter a job that will make you happy, not restless. Be in a work that will enhance your skills and talents. Be with people that will help you grow, not pull you down. Be in an environment that will make you lively and jolly, not boring and dull. Involve yourself and be better not worse.

Never forget people from the past because they are the reason you become who you are right now. Don’t stop getting to know more people.

Don’t be afraid to be curious and innocent because it will make you wiser. Never limit yourself.

You are now capable of making decisions. Make mistakes, grow, become mature. Be someone you have to be. Congratulations and good luck to batch 2014! 🙂 Just believe in  God’s plans, believe me, He will take you there 🙂


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I told myself I won’t treat this blog as my personal blog but I can’t help it especially at times when you don’t know how to react on things except through writing.

I’m a bit lost right now and I don’t know where and how to start. I’ve been suffering from writer’s block that leads to: do I deserve this position or maybe someone out there deserves this chair I’m currently sitting? 😦

Seriously, I don’t know how to explain my emotions right now. I want to cry, really, because I can’t decipher how am I going to deal with these data (which happened for the very first time). There were times that I asked myself whether being a writer (or journalist) is really for me. Maybe I wanted to become one but my skills just won’t fit.

My other problem is that my faith is a bit shaky lately, so tell me how will I be able to survive if I’m spiritually weak? Oh no. I just don’t know.

Aside from that, there are a lot of things that kept on bugging me, my dreams and the future. I really don’t know what His plans for me are but I want to trust Him. I once trusted Him, why not now? What a way to start my 2013 😐

I am wondering, where did the old ‘me’ ran off to? The happy-go-lucky school girl who believed she’s invincible.

Please forgive me, I just need to let this out.