Reblog: Being a Writer

“It’s probably one of the most difficult jobs on the Planet. Because it’s the one job where, no matter how successful you become, you always have to start with a blank page. A page that doesn’t know and neither cares who you are. And that is frightening. “


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Movie (Korean): Architecture 101 (2012)


Seung Min (Uhm Tae Woong), an architect, is visited by his first love, Seo Yeon (Han Ga In), in his office. They met during their freshmen year in the University when they became classmates in their Architecture 101 class. Seo Yeon wants to hire him to redesign their house in Jeju Island, but he hesitates. The woman runs to Seung Min’s boss to discuss her plan, and everything’s been settled.

By moving from present to past, the heartaches and feelings they had kept when they were teenagers are revealed. How will Seung Min and Seo Yeon handle it? (Note: Architecture 101 is also known as Introduction to Architecture)

Just me and my opinion

Honestly, I watched this movie, first, because of Bae Suzy. And second, the movie title. It attracted me because I really admire architecture especially how the architects create designs and build model houses (I used to watch my brother everytime he did his plates and assignments when he was in college).  So, I got curious on how the story will go and connect with Architecture. Fortunately, I didn’t regret my choice because it turned out that Architecture 101 is remarkable.

[Warning. A bit spoiler.]

Director and writer Lee Yong-Ju l Uhm Tae Woong l Han Ga In l Bae Suzy l Lee Je-Hoon


1. Shift of Timeframe

The pattern of shifting from present to past (then repeats again) is quite amazing. It is interconnected and sewed well. I remember one movie with the same pattern but it was quite annoying to the point that I really don’t get what’s the relevance of it. Anyway. Architecture 101 has shown many ways to describe the relationship of the characters’ past and present, but here’s my favorite:

Towards the end, the past and present became some sort of question and answer. One incident was left hanging in the past and it was answered in present time. Both young Seung Min (Lee Je Hoon) and young Seo Hyun (Suzy Bae), had no idea with what happened to their own presents for the other – after Seung Min dumped it in the trash without letting her see it first, and Seo Hyun left it in their meeting place and had no idea if he went there. They only learned that both of them acquired and kept their respective presents after so many years with the help of the present time.

In my opinion, the pattern turned out to be awesome because the story really focused on the story of the lead characters. It is also evident that the main characters have occasional scenes with the rest of the cast.

film camera & mp3 player being used by Je Hoon and Suzy

2. The Past

I admit that I am a Suzy Bae (young Seo Hyun) fan but I loved the past scenes not just because of her. Honestly, I really admire how they used pagers, mp3s, and film cameras. So cute! :”>

In some movies or shows, they were not careful in portraying the past especially those of the things that are needed or used on a certain scene. There are times that I was like, “that was not yet prevalent during that time,” or, “do people during that time speak that kind of language?” I’m sorry but I really adore flashbacks, and I’m a bit observant with those. I don’t know if there are things that I haven’t noticed, but in entirety, it was done well.

3. House Design Itself

* Credits to the blogger for these two images on the left 🙂 Check her blog for other pictures (click here) *

Ever since I was little, I dreamed of having a house with unique design. Maybe, that’s one of the reasons why I’m fond of looking at house plans, sketches and models. Anyway, after watching the movie, this structure is definitely a plus for me!

It’s very spacious and I love the way the house was built to appreciate the nature. If you’re on the first floor, there’s the glass door that divides the living room and the scenic view of the sea. While on the second floor, there’s the terrace (that looks more like a rooftop) overlooking the sea.

The use of white color on the wall and wood plank flooring is a plus for me (because I just like love the combination of both). Moreover, I love the effects of stone cladding inside the house. It adds texture, thus makes the living room more appealing (BTW since I’m really not familiar with the materials, I would like to thank my brother for identifying those for me HAHA). To sum it up, the place is simple but elegant, and very relaxing. Here are more snaps 🙂

view from the outside

the empty living room; can you see how awesome the view is?

living room with furniture

view from the second floor

4. Plot

I’m a huge fan of sad endings. Not that I don’t like ecstatic ones, it’s just, in actuality, not all things have happy endings. And in my opinion, people should not avoid that reality. Also, there’s the depressing truth of letting things left unsaid. People are afraid of taking risks. Which leads me to the minus…


1. How Character Thinks

Sometimes, I can’t stop myself from hating characters because they are the reason of their tragic endings (just like in real life). Young Seung Min was narrow-minded and illogical. He should’ve talked to Seo Hyun first! Then tell things what he wanted to say. Oh well, I can’t blame the character because it is part of the movie. HAHA

Architecture 101 became a box office hit this 2012 in South Korea. Try to watch it and feel the pain of first love heartache 😉

So, here’s the trailer! 🙂

Meanwhile, if you want to listen to the OST, here’s Etude of Memories by Kim Dong Ryul 🙂 BTW Kyuhyun sang this song on Immortal Song 2 🙂


Payphone (Jayesslee Cover)

When I was browsing my newsfeed, someone posted this on her wall. When I opened my twitter, a friend of mine tweeted this.

And because I really really reeeallyyyy love Maroon 5’s Payphone (and Maroon 5 of course!), I got interested with their cover.

Tadaaa! Here I am, blogging it 😉

Their voices are sooo sweet and I really love it! Plus, the twin factor 😉 Ohhhh, I wish I had a twin sister 😦

Check out their cover! You’ll love it for sure 😉

“Can You Feel The Love Tonight”


I’ve decided to watch Lion King 1 and 2 this afternoon and pampered myself with comfort food! After watching, I browsed for its soundtrack because of the LSS thing, then I found this.

I’m really not that good when it comes to music but I find this awesome. I really liked, wait, no, I LOVE it. Their voices blend well, and it gave me goosebumps 🙂

Can I feel the love tonight? I felt it! Thumbs up to the both of them! 🙂

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5BNheUJCN8