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Bye 2014, Hello 2015!

“The older you get, the faster time seems to go”

2014 passed way faster than the previous years but it will leave me a jar full of wonderful and awesome memories. So before 2014 closes its curtains, I want to recall what really did happen and be grateful for all the blessings, learnings and those people who walked with me this year.

11.Busy but happy days at work

If I were to summarize my 2014, it will be work-work-work. It was definitely a busy year but I am happy with it, why? Because I learned a lot of things and made me realize the things I want to do in life.

2. Me, an Emergency Hiree (EH)

My eyes are now opened wide with the reality we are in.

‘Nuff said. Just a big “thank you” to my friends in corporate world for making me feel this way (-_____-) (I hate you guys, huhu).

3. A lot of not-so-goodbye and real goodbyes

Some of my friends migrated, others went overseas to work, and there are those have rested and joined our Creator. It was then I realize that time really is fast – you’ll never know when will be the last time you’ll talk to a person.

Our kasabayan EHs in our department also left this year. March and June for “JaRen” and by second semester, my dearest ate at work left us – the same ate who encouraged me that I can do it, huhu. I still miss her even though she’s sumpungin :p


“When someone leaves, it’s because someone else is about to arrive,” – Paulo Coelho, The Zahir

So say hello to the newest batch of CRIOD babies ❤


Just thank You Lord for my siblings at work!

4. Enjoyed my life – not really that enjoyed but somehow tried to get out of the box

I tried my best to be a semi-kaladkarin friend and succeeded around 30% of it. I’ve been a lakwatsera so my piggy bank is empty. But hey, it’s the memories that matter 😉


And highlights? TAGAY-AY!


5. Love life

It’s been a roller coaster ride for my emotions but as what my kuya at work told me, “Ikaw lang ang affected,” noted po kuya *sigh*

6. Realizations

I’ve realized the things I want to do in life, but it’s still vague.  So I’m trying to figure out an effective workplan for this. Oh please, just wish me luck.

Okay, let me take this opportunity to say thank you to all my loved ones who have been part of my 2014 – the reason for all those smiles and tears :p

Real-Life fambam

For the love, care and support in everything that I do, for the patience and understanding for all my shortcomings and moodswings, just simply for everything 🙂

My Childhood sister, Miksie

For always being there for me despite your busy schedule. Yes, you call me “ignorer” but I assure you, I ain’t one (LOL). I will try my best to keep up, we will reach our dreams, just have faith! I miss you big!

My dearest Ehm2

For listening to my non-sense rants and to ALL those advices. I swear, I would have a bumpy ride this 2014 if you weren’t there. Thank you for everything!

Xar, Makukulit, Affaloves, HS and College loves etc.

For understanding my situation (LOL). I will still try my very best to make up for the lost times. I miss all of you!

CRIOD Fambam

For the love and care, all the appreciation and awesome opportunities that you are giving us kiddos. For the fun times in spite of all workload.


Lord our God

For this a bit rocky yet wonderful journey. For all the people You have introduced, all those challenges, all those opportunities, all those memories, all the blessings you continue to shower us. Just thank You 🙂

Cheers to 2014 and let’s welcome 2015 with a bang! Wish you all good health and a prosperous 2015! 🙂

A/N: Credits to the owners of pictures (LOL)


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Take me back to that time when all I had to choose was between hot chocolate or hot milk.

Take me back to that time when all did was chase a dragonfly, fly a kite, or play moro-moro with my friends.

Take me back to that time when my mom would cradle me and feel that all is well.

Take me back to that time when I felt invincible every time my dad would carry me on his back.

Take me back when I felt cool when I’m with my brothers.

Take me back to the world where my parents are responsible for my actions, a world only positivity and simplicity exists.


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Do not be in a hurry

I know, I know. I keep on saying that I’m not in a hurry to fall in love but something inside me contradicts everything that I say.

I had a chance to talk with my senior officemates about marriage during our lunch break and all I did was listen to them with awe as they try to impart their personal experiences and advices regarding this matter.

The bottomline of our conversation is, “don’t be in a hurry.” And I must say, they are right. But, I can’t take away the fact that the more I get older, the more batchmates of mine marry, the more I fear of being alone.

I know I’m still young but thinking of how fast time runs in early 20’s is indeed quite.. I don’t know (I can’t think of a word that best describes it). As I get older every year, my anxiety now exceeds the borderline.

All I know is I dream of having my own family – spouse-slash-bestfriend and children – and I am very eager to achieve it someday. And before I can attain it, I have to find myself and be better first for the “future family”.

I don’t want to be grow old alone, seriously.

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Graduation Euphoria

Graduation pictorial – check!
Academic requirements – check!
Thesis defense – check!
Baccalaureate Mass – check!
Solemn Investiture – Coming soon

Alma Mater’s Batch 2014 celebrated the Baccalaureate Mass last night with big smiles on their faces and you can see the feeling of excitement as they march towards the grandstand.

Nope I wasn’t there last night, but I was two years ago.

The “uniform signing”, the parade leading to the grandstand for the Bacc Mass, listening to the Rector’s message, the traditional exit to the Arch of the Centuries, the post celebration.. everything! I know what it feels like to be an outgoing student.

Be proud of yourself bidding goodbye to college life, with or without honors, because all your efforts and hardwork, sleepless nights, and body-now full-of-caffeine is worth the diploma.

So there you’ll be, standing in front of everybody, stranger or not, with heads up high but feet still on the ground. Then you will see your parents and family with proud expressions – nothing beats seeing your loved ones so happy and proud of your achievement in life.

A few days from now, you will officially become a freshman in the so-called real world, real world that can uplift you or put you down.

Don’t be easily discouraged once you’ve been turned down. You are now in the workforce, you are capable of handling rejection and negative vibes (maybe you haven’t realized it just yet, but you are). It may be hard at first, but you’ll definitely learn the house rules of this world.

It might be harsh on you but never give up because there’s something out there for you.

It might do good to you so never forget to be grateful to everything that you will receive.

Enter a job that will make you happy, not restless. Be in a work that will enhance your skills and talents. Be with people that will help you grow, not pull you down. Be in an environment that will make you lively and jolly, not boring and dull. Involve yourself and be better not worse.

Never forget people from the past because they are the reason you become who you are right now. Don’t stop getting to know more people.

Don’t be afraid to be curious and innocent because it will make you wiser. Never limit yourself.

You are now capable of making decisions. Make mistakes, grow, become mature. Be someone you have to be. Congratulations and good luck to batch 2014! 🙂 Just believe in  God’s plans, believe me, He will take you there 🙂



I can’t stop myself from reacting with this post I found on FB. To make the story short, a parent was asking for help because she doesn’t know the name of the adviser and section of her child. She was supposed to get the records of her kid. What I found offensive was the way they reacted, perhaps “LOLed”, when the mother asked them to write the section and name of the adviser despite the fact that they have told her.

I find it foul, really. Hindi lahat ng tao mabilis maka-pick-up or makatanda lalo na sa mga detalye. They should know and understand better 😦




I don’t know how to start this entry since I’m really not good at introductions. Maybe, I’ll just start with HAPPINESS – not just happiness but way beyond happiness.

It’s been months since the last time I saw my Elem-HS barkada; two of them were, ahm, years? LOL, I forgot the last time so MAYBE it was that long (it just saddens me that some of them weren’t able to come because of conflict of schedule).

So, the usual get-together – dinner date, catching up, and post activities. It was then I realized that time flies so fast that we’d laugh out all of the “bloopers” and stories during the good ol’ days. It’s funny how we made fun of our petty fights and arguments in that circle. Each story seems like yesterday, and trying to relish every memory makes me miss school even more; and friends-turned-siblings during that time the most.

However, it pains me that I still don’t have something “new” to share with them especially on the most-discussed topic – LOVELIFE. LOL. Okay. Ako na ang matagal na nag-move-on HAHAHA Seriously, I feel that I’m left behind in terms of this. But I still do believe that God has someone for me, patience it is. >:)))

Love you, Xar 🙂



I can’t concentrate with what I am supposed to do because there’s something that really bugs me. I hate the feeling that I’m not updated with the latest stories of my friends, that I don’t have time for them.

I’m really the type who wants to know the latest or at least ‘meddle’ with their lives (lol) and I really hate it everytime I tell them to see them real soon but it would just end there. College friends often ask me out but I can’t due to some responsibilities; High school and elementary friends often ask me to plan out a mini-reunion but it ends not so well. Not that I hate my life, it’s just that I really need to balance everything – from family to work to friends. I don’t want to sacrifice a thing or I might end up regretting it.

My mom just lost her very good friend. She lost contact with her but she could’ve done something to reach out for her. It just didn’t happen due to some reasons. The reasons are quite acceptable but my mom wasn’t able to bid goodbye to her for the last time, and now she regrets it.

I don’t want it to happen to me EVER. I am trying but it seems that I can’t. Oh well, I’ve had regrets before, and I don’t want it to happen again 😐

Just some rant, I apologize for wasting your time 😐