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Graduation Euphoria

Graduation pictorial – check!
Academic requirements – check!
Thesis defense – check!
Baccalaureate Mass – check!
Solemn Investiture – Coming soon

Alma Mater’s Batch 2014 celebrated the Baccalaureate Mass last night with big smiles on their faces and you can see the feeling of excitement as they march towards the grandstand.

Nope I wasn’t there last night, but I was two years ago.

The “uniform signing”, the parade leading to the grandstand for the Bacc Mass, listening to the Rector’s message, the traditional exit to the Arch of the Centuries, the post celebration.. everything! I know what it feels like to be an outgoing student.

Be proud of yourself bidding goodbye to college life, with or without honors, because all your efforts and hardwork, sleepless nights, and body-now full-of-caffeine is worth the diploma.

So there you’ll be, standing in front of everybody, stranger or not, with heads up high but feet still on the ground. Then you will see your parents and family with proud expressions – nothing beats seeing your loved ones so happy and proud of your achievement in life.

A few days from now, you will officially become a freshman in the so-called real world, real world that can uplift you or put you down.

Don’t be easily discouraged once you’ve been turned down. You are now in the workforce, you are capable of handling rejection and negative vibes (maybe you haven’t realized it just yet, but you are). It may be hard at first, but you’ll definitely learn the house rules of this world.

It might be harsh on you but never give up because there’s something out there for you.

It might do good to you so never forget to be grateful to everything that you will receive.

Enter a job that will make you happy, not restless. Be in a work that will enhance your skills and talents. Be with people that will help you grow, not pull you down. Be in an environment that will make you lively and jolly, not boring and dull. Involve yourself and be better not worse.

Never forget people from the past because they are the reason you become who you are right now. Don’t stop getting to know more people.

Don’t be afraid to be curious and innocent because it will make you wiser. Never limit yourself.

You are now capable of making decisions. Make mistakes, grow, become mature. Be someone you have to be. Congratulations and good luck to batch 2014! 🙂 Just believe in  God’s plans, believe me, He will take you there 🙂


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A simple message for You :)

I was supposed to finish a task tonight but I got tempted in blogging (as far as I can remember, I told myself that THIS won’t be a personal blog. Whatever me HAHA). Anyway. I would like to say a simple message, a message of gratitude to all my loved ones and how grateful I am having Him by my side 🙂

Dear God, Thank You for all the trials You’ve given me because I learned how to be strong. For all those disappointments because I realize that You indeed have wonderful plans for me. I am really glad that I trusted You because if I didn’t, I’d never be THIS happy.

Thank You for introducing me to superb friends. Friends who have helped me lead back to You and continue to strengthen my faith in You. Friends who appreciate my strengths. Friends who uplift me in times of weakness.

Thank You for such a great family (by blood) you’ve given me. Family who supports me in every step of the way. Family who helps me fortify my personality. Family who is always at my side.

Thank You for all my loved ones who love for who I am, my good and bad side.

And thank You for guiding my way to my workplace, my new family. I believe that I’ll be able to find more friends and great people there and treat them as a new family. I believe that I will grow there and be a person that You want me to be.

I am now on my 21st year of my life. True that I still long for some things (not material) but look where it’s bringing me – a curious me who’s willing to take more experience and challenges. True that I had regrets and a lot of problems but look where it led me – a better me 🙂

I really want to Thank You, Lord, for everything. Just listen to my heart in case I’ve missed something I forgot to tell You. I love You 🙂

Love, Your Child 🙂

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Pray for the Philippines

It’s almost 7pm and it’s already dark but heavy rains, brought by southwest monsoon, continue to pour on Metro Manila and neighboring provinces.

CR: Yahoo! News


Let us all pray for everyone stranded on streets, families trapped in their own homes with no food and all drenched from the non-stop rain, volunteers who risk their lives to save other people, and to every community that’s affected by flashfloods (and mudslides) that they may be safe and continue to have faith that everything will be okay. God will never abandon them.

Different schools and organizations are already accepting donations to help the victims – medicines, food, clothes and blankets are accepted. Just check the social networking sites for more information about the relief drives of specific groups.

We care for one another, we smile whatever mishap we face, and we believe in Him. Iba talaga ang Pinoy! We can get through this; just stay positive. Let us pray for everyone’s safety! God Bless! #PrayForThePhilippines

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Movie: Front of the Class (2008)

A man with Tourette Syndrome (TS) proves that he can achieve his dreams despite his disability.

Based on a true story, Brad Cohen (Jimmy Wolk) was suffering with tics, unusual noises since he was six years old. He was bullied in school, and oftentimes caught his teacher’s attention during class which caused him to be summoned in the principal’s office. Sadly, his father thought that Brad only wanted attention (Brad’s parents were divorced). His mother noticed that his son can’t really control his movement so because of her determination, she did her own research and found out that he might have a tourette syndrome, which was confirmed soon after.

When Brad reached middle school, he thought that things would be different because of the new environment, but he was wrong – he was still bullied. Until one day, the principal forced him to attend the music rehearsal. After the rehearsal, he was asked to explain about his condition and asked them that he wanted to be treated like everybody else.

Brad wanted to become a teacher. His father doubted, but his mother and younger supported him. Because of his urge to reach his dreams, he was able to find a school that’s for him (when he transferred in Atlanta).

He was able to get along with his young students and proved that he can be a teacher just like other normal educator. Brad Cohen was awarded Georgia’s First Class Teacher of the Year.


I can truly say that this is an inspirational movie. People with disabilities tend to lose hope and get rid of their dreams because they believe that they can’t achieve it. Which is wrong. They just need to be supported by the people around them, or the people they would be dealing with, and of course, motivation from themselves that they can do it. Just like the comparison Brad Cohen had said:

“Children look at life differently than most adults. They see the world and say, I will. Not, I can’t” (Cohen)

As for the lead actor, Jimmy Wolk:

He did a great job (also considering his look :”>). He’s the second person (excluding the young Brad) I was able to watch portraying a character with TS. And he’s better than the first actor I saw.

The young Brad, Dominic Scott Kay:

He also did well. It came naturally and I really admired it. Plus his looks :”>

More of Front of the Class here 🙂

More of Brad Cohen here 🙂

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“You’re in the beginning. Nobody’s good in the beginning.”

This was the line of Simon Camden to little Ruby Camden when she was about to enter school for the first time. These two characters were from “the longest-running show that has ever aired on The WB”, the 7th Heaven (will be doing a review of the TV series in the future ;D).

Just like other pre-schoolers, Ruby (Mackenzie Rosman) was afraid to go to school for the first time. And there’s her big brother Simon (David Gallagher) who tried to explain to her how great school is, and ended up telling her the quote above.

Thinking about it, it’s the truth. There are times that people tend to get nervous and afraid at start because they still don’t know what might happen to them – mistakes, failures, or might be unaccepted by others. Just look at the brighter side: each and every one of us never knew how to walk when we were still toddlers. We failed a lot of times, and look where we are right now – a human being who knows how to walk, run, jog, and hop. The beginning may be kind or cruel but this will help us grow and learn a lot 🙂