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Graduation Euphoria

Graduation pictorial – check!
Academic requirements – check!
Thesis defense – check!
Baccalaureate Mass – check!
Solemn Investiture – Coming soon

Alma Mater’s Batch 2014 celebrated the Baccalaureate Mass last night with big smiles on their faces and you can see the feeling of excitement as they march towards the grandstand.

Nope I wasn’t there last night, but I was two years ago.

The “uniform signing”, the parade leading to the grandstand for the Bacc Mass, listening to the Rector’s message, the traditional exit to the Arch of the Centuries, the post celebration.. everything! I know what it feels like to be an outgoing student.

Be proud of yourself bidding goodbye to college life, with or without honors, because all your efforts and hardwork, sleepless nights, and body-now full-of-caffeine is worth the diploma.

So there you’ll be, standing in front of everybody, stranger or not, with heads up high but feet still on the ground. Then you will see your parents and family with proud expressions – nothing beats seeing your loved ones so happy and proud of your achievement in life.

A few days from now, you will officially become a freshman in the so-called real world, real world that can uplift you or put you down.

Don’t be easily discouraged once you’ve been turned down. You are now in the workforce, you are capable of handling rejection and negative vibes (maybe you haven’t realized it just yet, but you are). It may be hard at first, but you’ll definitely learn the house rules of this world.

It might be harsh on you but never give up because there’s something out there for you.

It might do good to you so never forget to be grateful to everything that you will receive.

Enter a job that will make you happy, not restless. Be in a work that will enhance your skills and talents. Be with people that will help you grow, not pull you down. Be in an environment that will make you lively and jolly, not boring and dull. Involve yourself and be better not worse.

Never forget people from the past because they are the reason you become who you are right now. Don’t stop getting to know more people.

Don’t be afraid to be curious and innocent because it will make you wiser. Never limit yourself.

You are now capable of making decisions. Make mistakes, grow, become mature. Be someone you have to be. Congratulations and good luck to batch 2014! 🙂 Just believe in  God’s plans, believe me, He will take you there 🙂



2013 Planner

Tadaa! Presenting my 2013 planner!

DSC00450First, I would like to share my “adventure” before I was able to acquire the 2013 Filed Doodle Planner. Yesterday, I went to Fully Booked branches in SM North and Trinoma but unfortunately, it was out of stock. I asked whether, by any chance, Gateway branch still has the planner but it’s the same as the other two. The staff told me that there’s still available in Katipunan branch… and deep inside, I was like “T_T </3”


Imagine how disappointed I was when I learned that those three malls didn’t have stock anymore. Those are already out of my way (and I’m willing to go there HAHA) and going to Katipunan is really REALLY out of my way so I can’t afford to go there </3 Out of desperation, I texted my friend, Dan2, who studies within the area, asked if their classes have started because I’d asked her a favor to buy one for me. But she told me that their class will resume next week, and asked me if I can wait till then. So who am I to say no? I’m that DESPERATE lol. I told her that I’ll just inform her because I’d try again in N. Edsa and Trinoma the next day in case products have been delivered 😀

So. The next day…

I followed their twitter account, and asked when they’re going to restock in the aforementioned malls. They didn’t reply to my tweet but this appeared in my timeline:


And I was like “I wanted to go there immediately!” It looks like is really in-demand, I believe 😉 So I went there with Ehm2. So there, I finally got a planner for 2013! 😀

HAHAHA Okay. Enough of storytelling. Now, I’ll tell you why I wanted this planner so badly despite its price (it costs 545 php, a bit expensive compared to some Pinoy-made planners):

1. Doodles

I’m really fond of doodling since it’s my stress reliever (okay, I admit, a hobby of mine as well HAHA). Unlike in other planners that are very plain and you’ll only see lines, Doodle planner has designs and drawings in its pages. You can color it, and even add designs if you want to. There are also pages allotted just for doodling 😉 cats

2. Special corner

There are pages for movies to watch, restaurants to try, books to read, places to visit and vision board! Look how convenient! Instead of writing it on some paper or notebook, you can write it down without misplacing it. Oh. There’s also a pouch (I don’t what it’s called) for anything you want to put in there – papers, receipts etc.

3. Physical Features

In my opinion, Doodle Planner is handy. It’s just 7”x 5” x 0.75”. Its cover is hard bound just like other planners but this seems to be lighter than the others. There’s also the page marker and a free pen bandolier 🙂

DSC00460Please forgive me. I’ve been a fanatic of planner since high school but it was only in college that I started to look for unique and cute planners ^_^

Planner, check! Colored pencils, you’re next!

Happy planning this 2013 everyone! 🙂

(A/N: Credits to my friend, Essen, for recommending this planner ;))


Every woman’s dream

They say every woman’s dream is to walk down the aisle while someone special is waiting for her on the other end near the altar. But I say every woman’s dream is to get married with someone who loves her so much that he will spend the rest of his life with her through thick and thin.

Last night was the screening of the latest fairy tale shown on national television, Zoren and Carmina Always, Forever: A Wedding Like No Other. Of course, I watched, I believe most girls, ladies, single and married women (even men) have seen it, all on front row seats. Who wouldn’t? The bride thought that it was just for a commercial without knowing that she will be married that night.

I agree to what my friend (Franz) has posted on his Facebook that, “..It was a polished version of a famous viral proposal video on youtube..”. But I think what makes it more special is the fact Carmina can now live happily ever after with her prince charming (considering her previous marriage).

I was having a conversation with my friend while watching it and if you’ll read our exchange of messages, you will notice that we were full of emotions and speechless. It was indeed a fairy tale. It made us talk about how we want to meet and marry a guy like Zoren. The type of relationship we want to be in, the kind of family we want to have. *SIGH*

Such an ideal family ❤ ❤ ❤

The wedding of the year has made every woman dream of having their own Zoren. It may not be as handsome as Zoren Legaspi (good looks is a bonus ;)), but as sweet, romantic, thoughtful, in short, “prince charming” as he is (or maybe a lot more prince charming ;)). As for the men, you can be the “Zoren” in your own way, your own way of showing love to your princesses 🙂 Ladies and gentlemen, let’s just all pray that God will give us the right partner for us 🙂

Mr. and Mrs. Legaspi, I wish you all the best and more twins? 😀 Mavy and Cassy are so cute 😀

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Pray for the Philippines

It’s almost 7pm and it’s already dark but heavy rains, brought by southwest monsoon, continue to pour on Metro Manila and neighboring provinces.

CR: Yahoo! News


Let us all pray for everyone stranded on streets, families trapped in their own homes with no food and all drenched from the non-stop rain, volunteers who risk their lives to save other people, and to every community that’s affected by flashfloods (and mudslides) that they may be safe and continue to have faith that everything will be okay. God will never abandon them.

Different schools and organizations are already accepting donations to help the victims – medicines, food, clothes and blankets are accepted. Just check the social networking sites for more information about the relief drives of specific groups.

We care for one another, we smile whatever mishap we face, and we believe in Him. Iba talaga ang Pinoy! We can get through this; just stay positive. Let us pray for everyone’s safety! God Bless! #PrayForThePhilippines

Sarah G. and Bamboo’s Version of Iris

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I was able to watch the 24/SG (concert of Sarah Geronimo) at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last July 7 and I’d like to share my most favorite performance of the night: (ALL videos are not mine)

Sarah G. and Bamboo sang Goo Goo Doll’s Iris, and I’d say their version was very striking! 🙂

SWEAR. Their collaboration was breath-taking. I agree with the owner of the video that it’s “10x better when you hear it live” (see the caption on her youtube page). It was really awesome to the point that it gave me goosebumps while watching it (which rarely happens to me when I watch live concerts). Just take a look at the reaction of the crowd. In my observation, this was the audience’s most loved performance for the night.

Now, Bamboo adds up on the list of male singers I want Sarah to have duet with! \m/

If you noticed, the stage this time was smaller compared to her previous concerts but the lighting was fantastic 🙂

This year’s concept is more unique (more like of a story) which focuses on Sarah’s three wishes that were granted with the help of the “fairy godmothers” (all) portrayed by Jon Santos. Other guests were Basil Valdez, Anton Alvarez, The Company, Anja Aguilar and Sam Concepcion.

Anyway. If I were to rank all her concerts I’ve watched live (and on DVD), I’d say 24/SG is my second favorite, next to The Other Side (2005). There’s a repeat on July 21, go watch it 🙂

*Credits to the owners of those videos 🙂