It’s been a year :)

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Have you ever thought that it’s been a year since we bid goodbye to our dearest alma mater?

We were overwhelmed when we entered the University as senior students for the first time. Indeed, it was the final year, two semesters, and we were done.

I could still recall our last year in college; it was full of memories worth keeping. Each day had passed talking the usual topics: homework, seatwork, food, requirements, rants, personal and random stuff, and how we look forward for graduation.

We never felt it at first until we scheduled our graduation picture photo shoots. Months or weeks later, the much-awaited retreat, deadline of theses, Christmas Party, Paskuhan, and there, the year 2011 has closed its curtains.

Three more months and we were done. Admit it, some never felt the “graduation spirit” until we attended job seminars and thesis defense. It was really fast approaching.

We started discussing our plans and ambitions, daydreaming how we would look like once we landed on our destined jobs. How excited we were to acquire the first and succeeding salary, and at the same time sharing each others’ fears in stepping into the different world.

We were like toddlers, trying to walk for the first time, the only difference is, we already know the concept of fear.


Have you ever thought that it’s been a year since we first started to look for dream jobs?

We’ve attended various seminars and job fairs. Some searched for jobs together; some on their own.

One day, a blockmate was hired, in two weeks, there’s another, by next month, two, three, four had already entered various companies. How anxious the rest of the unemployed group were. They thought that they will never ever have a job but they just kept on believing that a job is really out there waiting for them.

The waiting period was tough especially adding the job rejections and “we’ll call you” on top, it was as if not having a partner at the age of mid-30’s. It was really heartbreaking.

Have you ever thought that it was a year full of expectations unexpected situations?

Before the year 2012 ended, most of us already got into various companies and organizations. We never thought that it would be this one hell of a joy ride.

Some were happy and contented with their jobs but I believe most have their own stories on their dilemma and problems on their current work.

The stress that keeps on beating us, the doubtful decisions in the certain choices we face, the sudden shift on dealing with strangers-turned-officemates.

We’ve read blog entries and articles just to uplift our spirit and to search for answers to our questions especially on the things we try to understand in this reality. Yes, professors and older people have warned us how different work world would be but we never thought that this would be IT.

Have you ever thought that it was a year full of realizations?

In a span of one year, we’ve realized a lot. Reaching one’s dream is not easy if you’re being practical in this real world; making decisions is not never easy because we fear that we (and people around us) might suffer with the consequences; making money and at the same time budgeting is NEVER ever easy; becoming independent is never easy. Time management is never easy especially balancing work, social life, and family.

We’ve grown, we’ve become mature.

Have you ever thought that it was another year full of memories?

We’ve hold onto each other with all the rants and successes for that one year. We can depend on others but clinging with college blockmates is different. I believe so because most of us have similar dreams and aspirations, and we know the fire in our passion. We have encountered a tough college life – from school works to dealing with one another – and we’ve made it through TOGETHER.

We randomly meet, dine and chill together, just talk about everything until the break of dawn. We still celebrate birthdays together, we still remember one another, we continue to support each other.

Have you ever thought that it will be another year in this insane and fast-paced world?

Keep hanging on, keep dreaming, keep searching, and keep believing. This is just the beginning, we’ll get used to it, and we’ll be good in this complicated game.

Cheers for a successful year JRN2 loves! I love and miss you! God Bless! :* >:D<


Author: jhabhabz23


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