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Make Mistakes Every Day

“We make or mistakes, we don’t have a CTRL + Z for life, so we learn from them, and we aren’t perfect so we’ll make some of ‘em again in the future.”



Fairy Tale


I apologize for the post greetings because I was busy helping out with our mini celebration here in office. So who says we don’t have a date? 😉

Anyway, a day before the “bitter day” (as some loveless people say), I was riding a jeepney on my way home and seated beside two high school students, one girl and one guy (I doubt he’s a straight guy though, and I can’t confirm it either) from the nearby school. At first I was irritated by the way they were conversing because it was in a CONYO way and you know what I mean.

They were talking about their upcoming JS Prom and recalling the previous prom, it was then I realized that they are on their last year in high school. They talked about their plans on the day itself: from their preparation, dress and suit, hairdo, and the dance itself. But as I kept on listening to their chitchat (OKAY, I’m not nakiki-chismis or anything, they were talking out loud, not my fault :P), I ended up agreeing to the girl’s stand.

The girl then said to the guy that, girls (and I must say young ladies) can’t be blamed if they really prepared for that day, the dress, the make-up and everything. It’s in that much-awaited event that girls would feel like princesses, just like those in the fairy tales. It would seem like a dream come true to every girls.

Oh yes, I agreed to that.

I could still remember how I despised prom when I was younger. I saw and waited for my brothers when they attended their respective proms but I kept on telling myself (and my family) that I will never attend proms because it’s just a waste of time and money.

When I reached high school, everything turned upside down (especially on my third year). I became excited just like my classmates when we learned that the prom will push through (there’s an issue there that I won’t elaborate because it’s not important anyway). So guess what family had to say “We thought you will not attend prom?” 😐

Though I am not really a fan of fairy tales, I had this longing for a “fairy tale” night during that time. The feeling of being special even for just one night; the feeling of being a young lady; the feeling of being taken care of by your gentlemen friends and classmates; hanging out with young lady friends and classmates; and the feeling of being a princess, ALL for the very first time without the presence of my family.

And just meters before arriving to the high school girl’s destination, she exclaimed, “it is the memories.”