Reblog: Being a Writer

“It’s probably one of the most difficult jobs on the Planet. Because it’s the one job where, no matter how successful you become, you always have to start with a blank page. A page that doesn’t know and neither cares who you are. And that is frightening. “



HBD Ehm2 :D

“You’ll rarely see me walking along the corridors of St. Raymund’s Building without…”

I could still remember when I tried the 30-day challenge and the topic on the sixth day was ‘your bestfriend’. Guess what, one of them is celebrating her special day today! 😀

Meet the birthday girl lady, Emkei 🙂

Emkei, or Ehm2, was my college blockmate who became my backmate for one year (credits to the alphabetically arranged seats). I never thought that I would be this close to her because she looks too high-profiled HAHA Seriously. I have this idea (before) that if someone is from an all-girl school (which she was), they have the tendency to be snobbish (forgive me for stereotyping when I was younger). But I WAS WRONG. She was even the first one who talked to me soon after the class (the subject that took its time for the the college-life-changing seating arrangement) has ended.

Then the rest was history.

Four years in college was full of various memories: foodtrip, camwhoring, reviewing, unending stories, non-stop chatting, spazzing, and of course, boy-hunting HAHA. Did you know that we really don’t talk about personal things in our own lives unlike other best friends? Maybe a bit but not to the point we’ll end up in serious discussion. We’d just give an overview then immediately change the topic so we can avoid emotional breakdown (ROFL).

Anyway, like I said before, she is my spiritual mentor. I was lost (spiritually) for years but hey, I am back on track, thanks to this girl lady. I really admire her faith in God (just like Mother Mary’s). She’s the one who keeps on telling me to believe in the power of prayers whenever I feel defenseless with problems. Furthermore, she never fails to encourage me everytime I doubt my self.

Others see me as someone who has a “pusong mamon”. Believe me, Ehm2 is more empathetic than me. She has a compassionate heart towards others especially the unfortunate. Her first name ‘Mary’ really suits her.

Happy birthday to you dearest Ehm2! You’re now going to start the journey towards your dreams and I’m really happy for you! You know that right? (Perhaps not? Haha). No matter what happens, I’m always here for you. I’m just a pm away when you need someone to listen to your “crazy stories” (you said it yourself) HAHA And thank you for everything especially listening to reading my life chronicles 😀 Surely someday, prince charming will come into our lives. I’m really excited to know who your Mr.-Knight-in-Shining-Armor will be, his nationality to be specific HAHAHA Let’s just focus on our careers for now 😀 Good luck and I love you! God Bless! :* >:D<

“A best friend is a sister that destiny forgot to give you” – Anonymous

(A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mama Mary! I love you! :* >:D<)


Peach Mango Float

It was my mom’s birthday a few days ago and it has been my “tradition” to give her something edible on that occasion. Since I don’t have money to buy sweets because I don’t have an allowance, my dad funded the ingredients for me to make refrigerated cake. HOORAY! So, here’s how to do it.


3 All Purpose Cream

1 can Condensed Milk

1 can Peach

Graham Crackers



1. Mix Condensed Milk and All Purpose Cream. Optional: You may put it inside the fridge for a few hours for thicker mixture. I have chilled mine for 2 hours.

2. Slice mangoes and peach in desired size. I scraped the mangoes using a fork (spoon can also be used) so it looked like this:

*But I diced some of the mangoes to be placed on top.

3. Fill the base of the dish with Graham Crackers

4. Pour the mixture

5. Add the mangoes (if scraped, blend it a bit on the upper surface of the cream mixture; include the juice) and peach. Optional: You may include the syrup in the can of Peach.

6. Repeat steps 3 to 5

7. If there are excess crackers, crush it and place it on top of the last layer

8. Design the top of your refrigerated cake with the remaining fruits.

9. Put it in the fridge until crackers are already soft and ready to eat

Take note: Larger slice of peach is tastier than smaller ones.

Peach Mango Float on a special occasion! 🙂

(A/N: Belated Happy Birthday, Nanay! I love you! :* >:D<)


It started to sink-in

I told myself that this blog won’t be that personal but I can’t help myself. None of my constant ka-chikahan friends are online, so better write it here before the emotions subside.

I’ve been an active job hunter this month. And as I keep on browsing for potential work, reality started to sink in – that there are not enough vacancies for your ideal job, hence you’ll end up with something that’s in between or really outside your ideals; or maybe, you really just don’t fit in.

To be honest, I am was a fan of ‘go reach for your dreams’. But as months passed by, I started to think how and where will I end up if I continue being like this. There were opportunities that should have been a great help in reaching my dreams but when I’m on its doorstep, it would suddenly shut without me knowing it. I waited patiently but time had already surpassed my waiting. So here I am, left far behind.

As I look through the openings, I realized that I have certain inclination to a certain profession, which in fact is not new to me. I already knew it even when I was in elementary or high school, it just didn’t became my priority. Okay. So I don’t want to give further details because it’s quite complicated. I just hope I can talk to one of my friends ASAP.


I believe in God’s plans 🙂 He never fails us 🙂

“It’s okay to dream, it’s important to dream. But it’s also important to know the difference between dreams and reality, and how to make a dream a reality” – 7th Heaven


To Ms. 3Jrn2 2010 :D

I was able to see my college friends after so many months. Hooray for the first of September! 😀 We went to Korean Cultural Center last Saturday to accompany Ehm2’s sister to enroll in one of the classes there. Since we have borrowed something from someone there months ago, we decided to return it as well.

So, while waiting for Ehm2’s sister, we (Ehm2, Almira and me) stayed in the library (which is, by the way, my favorite library ever) and savored every moment. Almira then started doodling (even drew the hanky I used that day but she insisted that she didn’t copy it haha) and ended up with this short message.

I wanted to also write my reply but she told me to  just send it online HAHA So, here’s my reply! 😀

Hey there Almira!

I’m so glad to see you too! Too bad I wasn’t able to come to some (or most) of the bonding moments. Though I really want to spend some time with you guys, I really can’t because of personal reasons </3 HAHA I do hope you understand :’) Anyway. I missed you too! See you when I see you, Peek-a-boo! >:)) Good luck! And I love you too! :* >:D<

P.S. I apologize for my really late reply. In case you wanna know, I read the letter two days after you gave it to me :))) I’m really sorry :))


Bhabz  🙂 *Insert pig and panda doodles here*