I just read my friend’s entry regarding their retreat a few days ago. If you want to read it, check Dan’s entry here 🙂

I suddenly remembered our retreat last December 5-7 at Caleruega, Batangas. I’ve been waiting for that time since it was my first time to attend retreat WITHOUT parents. So I was thinking, I’d be having some quality and super fun time with my blockmates. And, I DID 🙂

At first, I was really excited to bond with my 6JRN7 family without even thinking the real essence of retreat. Honestly, I didn’t feel the “God-and-Me” with my 2 previous retreats. It was parent-child and parent-teen so I spent most of my time with my guardian and observed my usual “house” behavior. I focused more of the “me” and “guardian” without really feeling His presence. Or maybe, I was not mature enough and I’ve never been in emotional pain.

All I wanted was to bond, forget school stuffs, and have fun with my block after 4 years of ups and downs. There was something I’ve never expected.

I could still remember how I arrived in school with Franz (who unexpectedly rode the FX I was in). My blockmates greeted me “Kamusta ka na?”, “Okay ka na?” upon entering the bus because I suffered from Pharyngitis for a whole week and wasn’t able to come to school. I was really nervous during those bed rest times because I might not be able attend our “most-awaited” retreat. We departed, and arrived in Caleruega.

It was odd because we were allowed to use cellphones and cameras on that three-day retreat. In other retreats, everything had to be surrendered. Oh, by the way, it was quite disappointing that there were sessions done with other classes. But luckily, activities were done by section.

The highlight of our first day, we were asked to draw like a logo of ourselves, six-word memoir, and timeline, then shared it with the class later that night. Everyone had the chance to share but quite disappointed because minadali nalang yung iba (that includes me HAHA) because it was really late and we really need to get some sleep. I really wanted to share that night because that was the opportunity to let out all the hard feelings I had. So, I was quite AWW :l because I could relate to some of them and I just wanted to share HAHAHA. After that activity, I got to know my blockmates, their problems. I realized one thing, there someone out there who’s also suffering from problems – big, and a lot bigger – who are trying to live their lives like other people does.

Highlights for the second day? It included telling a positive thing about someone 🙂 I can’t help but cry when I reached these two people who I really missed badly. It was fun but “kaubos-luha” HAHA Then, there was confession – the confession that really touched my heart and full of realizations. Of course, BONFIRE 🙂 Boom Shaka-laka, Boy Pickups and more, then it rained :l

As for the last day, time capsule and mass 🙂 Of course, class picture 🙂


CR Ardi's cam 🙂

They were strangers who became my blockmates, friends, and now, they’re my siblings 🙂 We are like a family – full of laughs and misunderstandings. We’ve been through challenges and happy moments together, and our relationship is a lot stronger now 🙂

With all honestly, though there were gadgets, Kodak moments, and bonding, I felt “God-and-Me”. The sessions were really good, and I’d realize something after each session. After all the activities, I’d realize something. All I had to do was reflect. There may be outside forces that can distract you, but if you’ll reflect, you’ll find Him.

After that retreat, I felt renewed and stronger – spiritually and emotionally 🙂


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